It is the year 775. The Saxons are bitterly struggling against Carolus’s cruel endeavors to also subject them to christianity. Almost all folks in Europe have been converted and subjected to the cross.  The Northmen and the Saxons however still hold on to their heathen origines, to nature which determines the rhythm of life and to the gods who watch over it.

During this period, there are hardly any cities or larger villages north of the Rhine. People mainly live within communities of kindreds in small settlements on the land or on the rivers. Life in the kindred  is self-sufficient by small-scale agriculture and cattle, hunting and fishing. Small hamlets in the country are often abandoned when the soil is exhausted.

These are  restless times in which Frisians, Franks and Saxons are not always hostile, but where belief and power are the main reason for a furious struggle and the pursuit of pagan folks.

The Aldsahse – Saxons still living on Europe’s mainland – are increasingly being forced to defend their life habits. The Franks outmatch the Saxons in numbers and are well organised, but the Saxons under heritogo Widukind are skilled warriors, too and provide strong resistance.

During these times, seax, axe and spear have become evenly important as the plough. We are sometimes named swordsmen:


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